Marie H & Olivia S - Ersties

Marie H has invited Olivia S to her parents’ holiday home. While drinking wine, the girls share their secrets and reveal that they have been in love with each other since their school days. But back then, the two girls were much shyer than they are today…

Do you remember those sleepless teenage nights, excited about finally going back to school to see your crush again, yet not having the courage to approach them the next day? And every night you had the same dream of getting closer to your flame? For some of us, those school crushes remained a fantasy forever out of reach, while for others…

Well, fantasies can come true. Olivia S has found an excuse to be close to her high school crush. The aspiring photographer was given the task of creating a series of portraits for the university, and has chosen her sweetheart Marie H as the muse for the project. For the intimate photo shoot, Olivia visits Marie at her parents’ vacation home. Parents’ houses always have delicious drinks in the fridge, so they find a bottle of sweet champagne to warm up the mood. After the wine loosens the atmosphere, the two girls share some secrets.

Out on the green garden lawn, Olivia tells Marie how often she thought about her at school. After this secret is finally revealed, the clothes fall quickly, because Marie had always had her eye on Olivia as well… and the two Ersties girls have the long-awaited romantic school crush sex with each other.

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