Home alone, beautiful, open and positive Margo lets us watch her masturbate. This not only looks nice and hot, but also will make you want to see more of her.

    22-year-old Margo lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Nature plays a major role for most Canadians and the stunning views of the mountains or the Pacific Ocean can take your breath away. As such, Margo loves to appreciate the nature around her by having sex outdoors. Curly-haired Margo loves to have sex in general and has been known to travel even to Australia for an exciting date.

    Margo has been in a solid polyamorous realtionship with her girlfriend Natie for almost four years. Together, the pair have already made several videos for Ersties.

    In this Intimate Moments shoot you can experience Margo by herself as she masturbates with her favorite sex toys. Margo’s favourite things about herself are her long pubic hair and her throat with the little Adam’s apple. With as much positive energy as Margo brings with her personality, sex is so much fun!

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