Just sweet how the pretty Italian Margherita (23) tries to explain herself in broken English. But her bright eyes often say more than a thousand words. She is new to Berlin and is excited for everything that comes her way.

    She invites us to try out her hot, home-made crêpes. The first batch doesn’t quite work out. But you can tell by her gleaming eyes and her sweet smile that she is immensely proud when the second one finally does work out. Yummy! After all, it’s always easier to talk when sweets are involved, isn’t it? And Margherita cannot resist telling us all about herself and her dreams – and her opinion of the difference between German and Italian mentalities.

    What Marghertia particularly loves about Berlin is how diverse the cultures are. Here, she can just be who she really is. Although lately, she mostly prefers being completely to herself. Right now, she just needs the time and the space to deal with herself. In every sense of the term. The slightest of touches is enough to turn her on. And she mostly prefers pleasuring herself. Because the way she sees it, there is hardly anyone else who is as tender and sensitive as she is… O lá lá!

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