Luzia (30) is a student of gender studies in Göttingen and so is quite familiar with the topic of sex. She’s also very interested in politics – she’ll happily converse about political issues before having sex. Somehow that turns her on.

    Lucy is originally from a small village near Bremen, but lived for some time in Göttingen. She just graduated, and the time she’d spend on studying is now occupied by playing piano and guitar. She also sings in a band and has a lot of other things on her plate. Her busy schedule means that, of course, she also needs to decompress.

    The best way for her to do that? That’s right – sex! She only recently came to the realization that she doesn’t need labels like straight nor bisexual. She’s a little bit of everything. She likes making out with women and currently has two female partners. Oh, but she’s also together with a man. And why not? This particular four-way arrangement lines up with her approach to life.

    She loves people and finds some of them particularly attractive. Their genders don’t play a role. Lucy is simply not one for monogamy. And then there are times when she needs more sex than she gets in her relationships. That’s when she seeks out partners online, especially in the BDSM and fetish community.

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