A stunning face you should definitely remember? Luna X. of course and well, not just her face! You may have seen her in a previous Playdate with her friend, but in her first solo shoot you can finally adore her gorgeous body and masturbating skills.

    You may remember Luna from a Playdate she did with her friend Natalia. If not, this shoot is the best opportunity for you to get to know her! Our Intimate Moments series lets the girls show what they want and how they want and that makes it even more interesting. It’s a pleasure to have Luna back on her own, showing us exactly what makes her tick!

    The sensual brunette, who currently lives in Amsterdam, talks to us about some atypical interview topics like her favourite colour, season and porn she watches. Watching sexy videos with someone brings Luna closer to this person, plus it’s fascinating for her to see what others are into.

    To show you what she is into, this gorgeous, natural girl with an affinity for the colour red uses her fingers to please herself and definitely you, too. Her first shoot will be the most sensual you’ll see today, we promise!

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