Those who can’t get enough of Lucy and are longing for more will have their desires fulfilled in this Intimate Moments shoot. And those who don’t know Lucy yet - you will get to know her right away. There’s so much to be seen from this Ersties beauty.

    It sounds like a fairy tale – and it is. Lucy, who in this Playdate release explains why a penis in her mouth made her cry, gets hot with a martial-looking fucking machine. Not only is it intense seeing Lucy being penetrated by this incessantly working dildo, but as Lucy reports afterwards, it also feels very intense. The stamina that this machine has cannot be maintained by any human sex partner. But before this powerful sex machine extravaganza, different polls are made on what Lucy should wear in this Playdate and how she gets herself off beforehand. Dildo or vibrator? See for yourself which options our users voted for.

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