Lucca went to a Spanish Catholic school. Unfortunately for them, sexual abstinence was not her cup of tea. Rather, she enjoys exploring her spirituality with psychedelic dates, a polyamorous love life and regular romantic dinners with her flatmates.

At first glance, 26-year-old Lucca may seem a bit reserved and rather introverted. Despite appearances, still waters run deep and underneath it all, she simmers intensely like in a volcano, ready to erupt at any time.

For Lucca, ‘never’ is a harsh word. She is a hopeless romantic and is constantly curious about her life and surroundings. However, sometimes her curiosity can also create conflicts, such as the time she got thrown out of a shopping mall for having sex in the public toilets.

At the moment, Lucca is in love and her first date with her new boyfriend was a psychedelic experience on a riverbank. Lucca tells us that it takes her some time to fall in love, because love at first sight is more like a crush and the deep feelings take time to develop.

For this Ersties shoot, pretty Lucca takes a lot of time for herself and masturbates on her sofa and bed with her fingers and a Magic Wand.

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