Linet is 23, really beautiful and with her “two worlds collide”. In one she is going to her – as she puts it – “conservative” job, in the other she doesn’t leave anything out when it comes to sex. Olala...!

    Long, dark hair, perfectly offset by her sexy red nails, matched with a green blouse and cleavage to die for: THIS, in Linet, the girl with the gorgeous eyes! Her life as an assistant tax clerk might sound boring at first, but after getting to know her we can quickly attest to just how untrue that assumption would be.

    As she chatters away about all sorts of juicy details, it quickly becomes clear that her sex and her private life are totally opposite to her work. Stuffy? Never! Here, she loves play around and enjoy every single day. So much so, even, that it has become her life motto.

    As an active swinger, she know just what it takes to get tired men perky again. And of course she knows exactly what it takes to get herself purring, too. Even though her honey fulfills her every last desire, she says there’s always room to masturbate again.

    Naturally that always works best with a really good toy. But just how much sex is enough sex for Linet? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see... Are you ready?

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