Free and beautiful Lina from Kiev loves nipple piercings because they just look hot. She doesn’t have one herself, but is playing with the idea of getting one. She shows us what other things she likes to play with in this Intimate Moment.

    Lina’s first sex party experience showed her that she isn’t alone in her urge for sexual freedom. For Lina, freedom doesn’t just play an important role in her relationship. She wants to experience sexual freedom with herself, her own sexuality and with her partner beyond social conventions. She loves seeing her partner being satisfied by another person when they have a threesome. For Lina, jealousy blocks the exciting and different ways of being with herself and her partner. Fear is also an unpleasant companion she doesn’t need.

    Lina likes to look at her body and loves herself not only with her heart, but sensitively with her hands as well. She also likes to make porn films of herself. Today we’re lucky that she has decided to make a film for our Intimate Moments series for the Ersties Community.

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