Lilyan & Liz R - Ersties

    Sex on a plane is fabulously intense and Liz and Lilyan have many stories about it. In addition to flying Japanese foot fetishists, this Intimate Moment also features green tentacles that penetrate deeply wet vaginas.

    Liz’s first hobby is masturbating, because she watches a lot of porn. Lilyan’s thoughts are no less often about sex. Above all else, it seems that air travel brings the two Spanish women to dirty thoughts. Liz likes to give her seat neighbours a wank in the air if they turn her on or if they have a twin, and Lilyan once had foot sex with a married Japanese passenger next to her during a flight to Barcelona. Planes are so exciting because the thought of doing something forbidden makes Liz think about sex even more, and the idea of fucking right in front of other people’s eyes makes Lilyan super horny. Liz knows all about Lilyan’s special desire... because she saw Lilyan doing it.

    That’s why in this Intimate Moments shoot, Liz and Lilyan fuck each other with dildos, a strap-on, vibrator and a huge green sex tentacle right in front of your eyes.

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