Long hair, shoulder-free black top – the pretty Bavarian is sweet 19 and really incredibly sexy. She is always looking for the “kick”. Not just when she is attending car races, especially whilst having sex.

    Liesa is a woman who likes to “wear the pants”. But when having erotic play with her partner, she likes it the other way around too. She loves switching roles and enjoys taking over the “weaker” part. She had her first time at thirteen, but she doesn’t really want to sort this adventure in the “unforgettable” category. Back then, it happened at a music festival and still today, she totally loves having sex in public.

    It doesn’t matter where, how and with whom: She needs “it” – this special kick during making love, this thrill when she has the slight feeling she might be caught. For this, Liesa doesn’t miss any chances. And according to her, there are many. For example, behind bushes in the park, in a tanning booth, in public bathrooms… there are no limits to her imagination!

    Sometimes she warms up with porn. But she can absolutely do without, too. Liesa loves to experiment. When her boyfriend is not available and she really wants sex, then she just pulls out her favorite toy and has fun with it by herself. Will she show us her remote controllable dildo later on?

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