We meet Liandra under the hot summer sun. As the sweet student tells us how much she was once in love with her lecturer, her eyes start glowing even more.

    Liandra loves life to the fullest and enjoys her freedom. Especially when it comes to sex – that’s especially important to her. Aside from that, she also likes to maintain a healthy lifestyle, something she puts a lot of effort into. A little awhile ago, this upbeat student discovered yoga, which gave her some special new techniques, and with lots of practice, it gave her a whole new attitude toward sex.

    She’s all too eager to show us how laid back she is when it comes to sex and romance – and what yoga has to do with that. How does Liandra get the most intense orgasms? We know that one thing for sure: she doesn’t need a man with her to reach climax. After our interview, she’s totally chill and is looking forward to what’s coming next. She wraps herself in her picnic blanket, getting ready to share her sex secrets with you!

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