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Leoni’s eyes are captivating and have a mesmerizing effect. However, it’s not just her eyes that are striking, there’s something else about her that is equally as impressive.

Leoni is a new model at Ersties and has immediately made an impact with her mesmerizing eyes. She regrets starting to watch mainstream porn at a young age and it wasn’t until she was 21 that she stopped watching sex videos while masturbating and began to create sexual contact with herself. Since then, Leoni has embarked on an exciting journey into her own sexuality, which she pursues lustfully and unselfconsciously. She likes it when things get a little harder during sex and has been discovering her desire for BDSM for a year now.

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    Leonie’s the perfect model: the knowing smile, the adorable chin dimple, the slight curve of her belly, her natural bush. I could look at her all day long!

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