Does the 23 year old nature-loving Laura really want to return to the U.S.? All her other dreams of life she reveals to us very openly in a chat under the blue sky.

    The 23-year-old nature lover Laura is actually originally from Berlin. But she always longs for Colorado, where she once stayed abroad for a while. Laura is unbelievably pretty, enthusiastic and is interested in a variety of topics – in every sense of the word! She studied sociology and wants to accomplish a fair bit in her future career. Singing is one of her favorite hobbies. And not just in the shower, by the way …

    Laura also loves to work out. She stays particularly flexible with gymnastics and judo. And she works passionately at keeping it that way. What a nice thought, being able to explore this sweet lady’s well-shaped curves out in the open wild, isn’t it? She is one of those women you can surely experience many “soaring moments” with!

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