Konstanze had her first time at age 13. Even back then she was into women. Nowadays, there might be men around, as long as they fulfill her requirements concerning sensuality and tenderness.

    Konstanze comes from a small town located in the Eifel. Soon she will be studying journalism in Berlin. She’s enjoying the big city life at the moment, especially because it’s much easier as a vegan to get a satisfying meal at a restaurant. Back where she’s from, her specific requests when ordering food were only met with puzzled looks. On the other hand, back at home, it was much easier to find someone to lend a hand when moving...

    This prospective student is happily single and is not seeking to change that. Anyway, she believes that those who look too hard won’t find anything. Konstanze is not at all a fan of one-night stands, because she never wants to be left sad and lonely after sex. As for her partners, she’s not picky when it comes to gender. She thinks women are more aesthetically pleasing, but men have their own charms, too. Provided that a certain amount of trust is established, then she’s crazy for oral sex. Aside from that, she loves getting stroked along her waist and neck. Masturbation is not so much her thing – she only does it once in awhile. Why go at it alone when you know someone who can help out?

    Konstanze happily shares a tale from her sexual history, the time she did it on a look-out tower in the forest. The risk of getting caught is what turns her on. Thinking about a ménage à trois, she gets weak in the knees. A threesome with another woman and a man – that’s her idea of pure sensuality.

    Then there’s the topic of pyjama parties – what can they lead to, and what does a sleeping mask have to do with her sex life? She’s about to tell us, and you’ll be surprised – wanna bet?

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