Even when it’s two girls, the saying is true: opposites attract. Konstanze and Sophia first met at a previous Ersties shoot, and they’re now getting cozy with one another inside Sophia’s closet, planning their first time together...

    At first, these two girls chat about things like books, clothes and Berlin, but their conversation soon veers into NSFW territory.

    Sophia and Konstanze clicked with each other from the get-go, but they haven’t had sex yet. That’s going to change – right about now, as a matter of fact... Konstanze has always been into women, whereas Sophia swings both ways. Vincent, her boyfriend, would certainly not be upset if he suddenly found himself in the middle of a threesome. He’d surely get along with Konstanze. She’s a bit coy, though.

    When Sophie finds out that Konstanze once had a three-way with two other women, it plants certain ideas in her head. She’d totally be into that herself. So far, all of her ménage à trois experiences involved at least one guy in the mix.

    Anyway, would Sophia come up with any surprises if she’d let her erotic imagination run wild with her friend? Konstanze would undoubtedly be thrilled if she’d put on some sexy lingerie. But Sophia has something else in mind: she shows us her favorite miniskirt and lets Konstanze help her squeeze into the tight-fitting piece of leather. Then Konstanze suddenly talks about a crazy sexual experience she had the other day, which pretty much blows Sophia’s mind...

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