Kitty likes it sweet and she absolutely loves to stretch the tension to the extreme until lust positively explodes out of her body. Kitty loves this feeling of tension during foreplay and we love watching her with it.

    For Kitty the most important part of having sex is the foreplay. She loves to tease her partners and be teased herself with a long and intense foreplay until they almost explode with lust. Kitty loves sweets and sex and must have both at least once a day. In addition to her adorable smile, she also has a lot more to offer, such as tying perfect bondage knots and being a sub. She loves anal and oral sex with swallowing, because she finds it super exicting to have her partner in her mouth. Kitty is quite open-minded, she just doesn’t like sex with strangers because she finds it more familiar, exciting and intimate if she knows the person.

    We just love everything about her. Above all, we love this Intimate Moment with it’s long and exciting foreplay and a hot climax.

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