Kitty & Mia & Leoni & Sandy - Ersties

This Jenga foursome starts off with a naughty game that sets the mood ablaze! There are no sore losers here, because after the game topples, the four Ersties girls Kitty, Mia, Leoni and Sandy have a hot orgy that’s as sweet as cream.

At Ersties, we are always interested in ensuring that our girls have a lot of fun, so we are continuously brainstorming exciting new games and ideas for our sexy stars. Our latest idea is the Jenga Sex Tower.
Who doesn’t love the lively atmosphere of a fun game night? Of course, with our four ladies, Leoni, Mia, Kitty and Sandy, everything revolves around that one special thing! How to play, you ask?
We’ve given each block of wood in our Jenga set a naughty question or task that has to be answered or performed by the person who moves the block from the stack. The aim is to remove as many blocks as possible without causing the tower to fall over!
Or maybe not? Because if the tower falls, it’s time to fuck! And that’s just what these four sexy girls just want to do with each other.

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