It seems as if Ramona’s passion for petite girls has awoken! In Kim, she’s found someone to have a lot of fun with and to act out her dominant personality on. Opposites famously attract (and undress) each other.

That is something that Ramona and Kim can tell you a thing or two about after their first fiery shoot together. Both girls love to switch in bed, and today it’s the passionate American and her strong personality that dominates petite Kim. The German does not have any objections about that!

Ramona and Kim couldn’t be more different on the surface, but as soon as they met, they were fast friends. The sexy ladies had a lot of fun during our interview and on the cosy bed where their hands just couldn’t stop touching each other. They also have a handful of impressive toys to play with, and three of them catapult Ramona onto cloud nine, Ersties style!

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    What a lovely pair of women clearly having so much fun and enjoying every part of each other. The contrast in skin tones is just perfect. I definitely have my favourite, but it would be unfair on the other beautiful lady to say which one she is!

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