Cheerful, hip and outgoing: this is how the sweet Kim (24) seems to us. She is single and really enjoys it. She like to remember her part sexual adventures and tells us all about them. We are all ears!

    With her attractive short haircut and her twinkling eyes, this student of social education is a real eye-catcher. Kim is originally from Hamburg, but she is currently studying in Kiel, and she’s incredibly active. And in the meantime, she has absolutely no problems with “conquering” the world on her own. Quite the contrary: She loves visiting all her friends who meanwhile have spread out all across Germany.

    Things are really action-packed when it comes to Kim’s hobbies. She is remarkably fit and loves climbing and bouldering. As a juggler, she loves performing on stage in front of an audience. And she is not afraid of literally “playing with fire”. By the way, that counts metaphorically as well! For especially in a sensual understanding, she loves adventures, always open to trying out new things. And why not? As a single lady, she can enjoy life to the fullest and do whatever she feels like. However, Kim doesn’t quite get the concept of one-night stands. If something is good, why stick to doing it just once? When she’s right…

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