Kiara & Emily J - Ersties

Kiara is looking for a person who can satisfy her sexual needs and gets her tarot cards read by Emily J. to see when her search will finally succeed. The answer is unexpectedly close, as usual, and turns out to be particularly passionate.

Sexually, Virgo and Scorpio are an excellent match, and in terms of emotional compatibility, the zodiac signs are a balanced pair. This is already a perfect prerequisite for an intensive shoot with the two passionate artists Emily J. and Kiara.

The contrasting women also complement each other perfectly in other respects. Contemporary dancer Emily comes from the USA, and after living in New York for a long time, she has recently relocated to Europe. She grew up on a cattle farm, so she has a big heart for animals. Italian writer Kiara is at least as fond of animals as Emily and therefore lives a vegan lifestyle. Both beauties are fascinated by astrology and are interested in zodiac signs and their universal destiny.

Emily reads the tarot cards for Kiara and it seems that this shoot is predestined by the higher power of the stars, because Kiara’s desire for fulfillment of her sexual longings with a woman seems to be very close…

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