Keilyn is a sweet 26 years old and knows how to wow anyone by flashing a smile in her own silly way. She started masturbating at age 7.

    Aside from her job, Keilyn also studies and is otherwise very active and ambitious. She keeps playing with her long, blond hair and clearly enjoys telling us about what she likes and what she’s experienced. Despite her openness, she considers herself shy and would never approach a man randomly. She’d rather wait for him to make the first move. But only if he matches her taste. She has very specific preferences and is not necessarily willing to compromise. Long hair, muscles, light blue eyes – those all appear on her checklist. And if he’s also dominant, even better!

    She has other things in mind with women. Be that as it may, for her, the gender isn’t so important – what matters is whether the sex is good. Keilyn fondly recalls a time when she was a teenager and had sex with her boyfriend in the school bathroom while her classmates watched. As she tells us about this adventure, she slowly begins to take off her clothes. What does she have in mind now? We, with our camera, are about to find out!

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