Today, Marina and Keilyn want to pamper each other in the bathtub. Even hair removal is part of the agenda. After all, Marina hasn’t shaved for eight months. But even before the intimate shaving, one thing leads to another…

    Marina is super cool. Keilyn thinks so, anyway. And she’s thrilled about what’s about to go down in the bathroom: shaving, hot kisses and sooo much more… with Marina.

    And on cam! Keilyn definitely likes to show off her assets, but she’s still a bit nervous. Could that have something to do with the cute Marina? Anyway, Keilyn needs to get laid, and today. It’s been forever since the last time. Finally Marina enters the scene!

    Keilyn is drawing the bath, and Marina’s excitement increases along with the water level. The tub looks a bit too small, but all the better for close body contact.

    The water is hot, and so is Keilyn. Now she makes a move and kisses Marina passionately on the lips. “Ooooh, your lips feel so soft.” And now her hands slip under Marina’s short skirt.

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