Role Playing, BDSM, Strap-Ons, Threesomes, Pansexuality, Gender-Positivity, Sex-Positivity, Polyamorous Relationships - Katie’s sexual experience is rich. She takes her sexuality into her own hands and knows how to bring herself to climax.

    26-year-old Katie from Australia has been living in Berlin for 6 years now. If she could choose a superpower, she would like to fly absolutely everywhere, of course. The idea of environmental sustainability in this also plays a role for Katie. So it’s very fitting that Katie sews her own clothes, and we think her self-designed skirt and top look mega cute.

    A sweet outfit for a confident person. Katie knows what she wants and she has several partners for it. Variety is important! Porn is exciting for her when there are at least 3 people who do it together.

    Katie’s sexual-experienced world is big: role playing, costumes, BDSM, pansexuality, polyamorous relationships... and Katie definitely knows how to use a strap-on.

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