Karoline has already lived out many of her sexual fantasies. The craziest and probably the most demanding one was a foursome with two women and two men. However with us, Karoline is solo and can surrender fully to herself.

    Freedom is precious. After Karoline quit her job, abandoning the negative atmosphere the work was causing, she also broke up with her ill-natured boyfriend. Good for her! Life is too short to be dragged along at the beck and call of others. Sometimes you just have to turn and take a different path... Like from Düsseldorf to Berlin for a beautiful Ersties shoot.

    After five minutes, Karoline has already forgotten the camera and starts to masturbate, first on the chair and then on the bed in the warming sunlight. She clearly has a lot of fantasies on her mind, so many that the 27-year-old dreadlock stylist comes more than once.

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