As if she was the “red Zora”: Kara with her wonderful red hair is just super sexy in her mini dress.

    Kara totally digs group sex. Sex with three guys, though, is something she hasn’t done yet. A wish she would like to come true… Under the beautiful sunshine, we meet cheerful Kara (24). She is originally from the US but now lives in Melbourne, Australia, and would like to stay there forever. She dreams of driving a van through the national parks and seeing the world without spending a lot of money.

    Kara is a happy single gal, but currently she has two lovers on hold. She needs them, too, because her passion for sex seems insatiable. She wants to learn more about herself first and have a lot of fun while doing so. Both at her job and in her private life, she loves being independent. This, of course, leads to her wanting to try all sorts of things out and have erotic adventures. Whether with boys or girls, it doesn’t matter to her: Since she was sixteen she knew that she is bisexual. Her first time with a girl was not until she was eighteen, though.

    She invites us with a promising wink of the eye to come to her place – and boldly lifts her short skirt while doing so. We are sure: She would love to tear down her red slip right here and now…

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