Josie believes that everything happens for a reason and that a higher universal force exists. After our meeting with her we also start to believe, because there simply has to be a reason for so much erotic energy and sensuality as Josie exudes.

The 22-year-old Berliner is a big animal lover, and her perfect date would be to go swimming with dolphins in the ocean. She tells us she would like to have the gift of a healer, so she could free people and animals from diseases.

Josie answers our question cards in her interview, before dropping her blouse and laying down on the dining table where she caresses herself dressed in sexy red lingerie. Josie likes having sex in special or interesting places, like the time her and her ex-boyfriend had sex in the broom closet of his office. Josie then moves to her canopy bed and pinches her nipples before fingering herself to climax. Super hot!

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