Josefine – a cool blonde with a totally happy charisma. Her lively short-hair-style looks really good. It perfectly matches her beautiful skin – that really stands out with her sexy shoulder-less top!

    Friends call her Jo, and somehow that just suits her so much better than Josefine. Either way, though, it’s not hard to tell that she is a true Berliner – born and raised. Her short blonde haircut is almost as cheeky as she is, and don’t let her cute smile deceive you: This lady has got it going on!

    And why shouldn’t she? After all, she’s single, which means she can pick and choose who to take to bed with her. And pick she must, for there are plenty of offers.

    On the one hand, she thinks women kiss better. But men can quickly balance that out if they devote themselves to “Else” and “Frieda”. That’s what she calls her boobs, and whoever knows how to kiss them just right has an easy game at winning her favor. And in return, she is more than happy to let her tongue circle and explore wherever you wish. Who could resist an offer like that?!?

    Cheerful and playful, Jo is always down for an occasional one-night-stand. But she also really wouldn’t mind a stable partner. But that’s just life, you can’t always have everything, she tells herself. Besides, just because is hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it’s not bound to any day now. And until it does, she is determined to enjoy every second of her life.

    Oh and apropos playful: Would you think someone like Jo needs toys? Come have a look and see if you guessed right!

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