Masseuse Josefine knows how to create intimacy with her hands, and not just with another person. She can also be intimate with herself, as she shows us on this summer day at the lake.

    Once an engineer, 32-year-old Josefine is now a professional masseuse, turning her passion into her job. Intimacy plays an important role for Josefine; she doesn’t find satisfaction in one night stands, which are more awkward than lustful for her. In order to please Josefine, a man should be small and not too slim. Josefine likes men who give a woman the feeling of being desired.

    The pretty Berliner likes being outside and feeling free in nature, so she took us for a trip to a lake. While on the lake rowing a boat, she openly chats with us about her sexuality, before freeing herself from her clothes and pleasuring herself

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