Jenny, from Nuremberg, is a very artistic woman, not just on canvas but also in the bedroom. She likes to impress us with her flexibility & spontaneity (not to mention her obvious beauty)!

    Looking into Jenny’s beautiful brown eyes, with her inviting smile, we can tell that the 34-year-old from South Germany has a calming and elegant vibe about her. This is sure one of the reasons why she attracts both men & women, something which she is always open to… “never say never”, she tells us.

    Being in an open relationship with a man it is very important for Jenny that he isn’t the jealous type of person that controls her free time. She rather loves to be spontaneous and do what she wants, when she wants and with who she wants. The result can be a one-night-stand or better still, a foursome!

    Some like to be watched during sex, Jenny definitely has an exhibitionist side, which is obviously great news for everyone here at Ersties!

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