Jay’s eye-catching bright red hat is a great contrast to her very sexy voice. Add to that her black top, a sexy “wisp of nothing” – pure breathtaking... And just as tempting is what she is wearing underneath…

    Jay loves life and she lives it to the fullest. As a happily single woman, she finds the curves on a woman’s body incredibly attractive, and she can quite well imagine some kind of erotic adventure with another lady.

    But she finds sex with guys much more tempting. Who wouldn’t want to have a romp in the hay with this racy, black-maned beauty, admiring her many tattoos? A white Siberian tiger adorns her waist, and her tantalizingly tattooed cleavage is a real treat for the eyes. Hmmmm...!

    When she tells us that she likes watching porn, we can’t help but notice a smile curling from her super-sweet lips. And she’s all too happy to tell us what else she’s into!

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