Pretty Jassy’s beautiful face with the dreamy gaze is somehow in strong contrast to her hair-style: blonde, short-clipped, but with a long layer on top. We can only assume what is going to happen judging by her seducing lips...

    It’s a little bit chilly in her kitchen but Jassy is what keeps us warm. Fixing her windows with some tape and newspaper – eventually she’s feeling comfortable. But not in her cosy and soft bed surrounded by all the soft pillows, but on her hard kitchen table in front of her window!

    Why protect yourself from curious looks from outside, especially if it is what gets you off! So without hesitation she’s choosing to remove all the newspaper. After all there is a lot that Jassy wants to show. Outside it’s raining but that doesn’t bother her at all. She’s rather keen on keeping herself warm with a lot of passion.

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