When two interesting women meet up to sleep with each other, there is an exciting dynamic in the air. Enjoy this special shoot full of personality with cute Ameliya and the equally stunning Jasmina.

Two interesting women spend an intimate day together! 27-year-old Jasmina from London and 29-year-old Ameliya, who lives in Austria, have very different reasons for their interest in the Ersties community. Jasmina was born in Afghanistan so the sexual freedom of women has always been a topic that occupies her mind, artistically and privately. The type of porn we do on Ersties is both sensually and politically relevant to her. Ameliya, on the other hand, particularly appreciates the self-confidence that she has gained through porn. Showing herself to others, naked and in front of a camera, made her feel much better about her body. She enjoys the feeling of being desired by the audience!

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