Hey, i’m 22 years old but i think i look younger especially with my glasses on. I know didn’t shoot any with glasses and i also had to take off my butterfly septum ring but i guess thats what is preferred for this website. I’m doing this as a start, and then i want do do more adult modeling not just because of the money but because i think it would be fun to experience it after watching porn for so long. In short, i want to be a part of it! I think i have a nice figure and after seeing the images from the shoot it really gave me a self esteem boost too. The photographer is nice and he made me feel good about how i look, even if he didnt like my piercing. Ive never done public nudity before and it was exhillarating in a way that made me want to masturbate more. I wasn’t so slim believe it or not when i was in junior high, i was 60 pounds heavier. I got the workout bug in me since 15 and i didn’t stop. Now i like hiking, gym and bicycling. I masturbate all the time even more than sex. Problem is that i have a certain problem with being too tight and short so sex is fun but i cant do it for too long and any big penis would be extremely painful. To tell you the truth, i’ve been in emergency care twice because of tears to my vagina from sex. Mind you i still enjoy sex i just need to masturbate first and get wet enough.

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