Jade enjoys BDSM and finds the idea of wax play appealing. The element of danger has a special attraction to her. With us, gorgeous Jade masturbates in front of the bare windows of her apartment with a vibrator and a nipple clamp.

Jade’s sex life starts with herself. Before Jade can think about having sex with a partner, she has to feel a connection to herself. For this, she has some special rituals which put her in the right mood. When Jade invites a sex partner to her home, she doesn’t get straight to the point. Sex begins slowly and sensually, and it could be that her and the other person masturbate together before they have sex.

Jade describes herself as a switch as she loves being in the lead as much as being led. Above all, she likes it when the flexibility of her body is required during sex. Jade finds it hot to get her body to bend in all directions during sex. She also likes to be touched on her nipples, and her right nipple in particular is an erogenous zone since it was pierced. Jade has a nipple clamp for this, because even though she needs tenderness to be able to have sex with others, she likes the pleasure and excitement that pain arouses in her.

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