For Iza, an adventure is one you couldn’t possibly imagine or plan for beforehand. Iza isn’t just into having adventures - she is one herself.

    25-year-old Iza from Berlin likes to say what she thinks and feels right from the get go. There have been some people in her life who were overwhelmed by her directness and wanted to buff out the edges to her personality. Luckily, Iza has figured out that her openness is as much a part of her beauty as the luscious curves of her waist and bottom.

    Iza likes her life to be exciting and she doesn’t want to plan for any adventure. Adventures should just happen, they shouldn’t be planned excursions! Iza is one such adventure that found its way to us. Not only does she have a beautiful body and sparkling personality, she also has an irrepressible sex drive. She would be here for hours if she listed all the places she fondly remembers having sex! We are happy to have met Iza and are ready for any adventure with her.

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