Very sweet and quite straightforward: Isabella talks without mincing words. After giving her best oriental dance performance, the student tells us, completely casually, that she found her G-spot – and where it’s located...

    She lives in Bremen where she feels right at home. But that doesn’t mean she’s averse to traveling the world. She goes to France every year with her dad, and she’s also been to Australia, New Zealand and the Maldives. In fact, there are only a few countries left on her list that still haven’t been crossed off yet. When Isabella (22) talks about unusual things, she comes across as though they were completely normal. For example, having a so-called friend with benefits. She is single and is friends with a single guy. They get along like best friends, and once in awhile throw sex into the equation. They’re flexible with one another and allow the other to enjoy their freedom 100%. Not such a common arrangement.

    She loves oral sex – nothing makes her drool more than sucking a dick. One thing she’s not into is getting her anus licked. She’d much rather get some attention “in front” – she can sit back, relax and enjoy every second of it. She likes her men a bit older. So far, 30 has been the age limit. She’s never been with a 40-year-old. Not yet, anyway... Suddenly she tells us on camera that she came come in two different ways. Her G-spot is so well placed that she can have orgasms both internally and externally. How does she manage to do that? Check it out!

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