Tina loves her dog over anything and he is (almost) always present. Like on our “date” in the park. And when it’s about some hot eroticism she is not reluctant to have a quick adventure with her friend Isa.

    Tina enjoys being single. But at times having a man by her side can be nice too. However, he has to let her do what she wants. A long-distance relationship could be a solution. Cause after all she wants to enjoy her life to the fullest: lie ins on a Sunday, drinking coffee, taking a walk in the park, going to the seaside... Aside from that a one-night stand or a threesome with a beautiful woman and a sexy man are things she has to be free to do.

    Actually Tina loves sex with women. Especially women like Isa who know exactly which button to press. However, it’s bondage sex that really turns Tina on, something she usually enjoys with men. In particular doggy style because that is when he can grab and just start the action... Isa of course also has a few tricks that will delight Tina...

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