Inge (23) is really pretty to watch, and she is lounging relaxed on her couch right now. When telling us of her favorite travels she becomes very dreamy. Especially Cuban men must have made a lasting impression on her…

    She is actually quite your “typical” girl: long, blonde hair, gorgeous almond-shaped eyes, a miniskirt – and really long fingernails. As Inge has already traveled across half the globe, she knows Tenerife, Thailand, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland and other places just like the back of her own hand.

    So, obviously, the chic girl from Munich has plenty of fascinating love stories to tell us. She believes that flirting and affairs are just part and parcel of a really great vacation. And we’re sure that she has a few “hot” memories in mind now that she would love to share with us. You want to bet? ;-)

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