A lot is possible with empathy and clear arrangements. You can see how far Ines and Annabelle go with bondage rope, a leather whip and open communication with each other in this tender and hard shoot. These two beauties are simply amazing!

For Ines, if a person feels right to her, it doesn’t matter if they’re small, tall, or any other shape, she’ll find them sexy. Although, Ines admits that the combination of work trousers, tattoos and curly hair is an immediate turn-on. Anabelle finds thick veins on male arms sexy. She loves the colour of blue blood under the skin and finds it incredibly hot to have bruises after sex. Ines and Annabelle say that, in principle, everything is sexy if it feels right.

Pretty much anything goes with open communication and being in harmony with one another. The two sexy girls show us how erotic biting, choking, growling and spanking can be in this hot shoot, where Ines and Annabelle not only exchange sensual touches, but also play with bondage rope and a leather whip.

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