Holly discovers that her and Cataleya’s breasts look similar. For Holly, Cataleya’s overall appearance is beautiful, and it is the most beautiful when Cataleya sits in front of her, close enough that Holly can touch and can be touched in return.

    Normally it’s beautiful Cataleya who invites her dates to dinner and then, if it fits, into bed. But changing patterns make life adventurous and Cataleya is lured to Hamburg by Holly’s open nature.

    This visit is all about one thing - sex. No long talks, they both want the same thing… undressing, kissing, caressing each other and then getting down to business. How did we find it? Positively beautiful! Holly didn’t make Cataleya’s day with just her smile... Anyway, we agree with the pair when it comes to their shared wish: to deal with sexuality and pornography openly.

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