Cat mums Helena and Luna are completely on the same page. When a dominant big city girl meets a submissive village girl, a playful, passionate and orgasmic video for Ersties is the result!

Helena from the big city and village girl Luna A. both describe their sex lives as being at their peaks (so far, at least!), and we’re very happy that they want to share this feeling with us in an exciting and spontaneous girl/girl! The girls share the same sense of humour, are both cat mums and both have found their favourite roles in the bedroom.

On top of this, Helena and Luna like to play and if it’s not a board game, it will be Twister with a sexy twist! Careful touches quickly turn into passionate lesbian rimming-licking-double-penetration-action that promises multiple orgasms. That’s not all, of course, but just watch for yourself!

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