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Helena has been sharing her most private moments with the Ersties community since 2015. Now the cheerful redhead is in her twentieth week of pregnancy – even in this special phase, sexuality is an important topic for the horny mother-to-be…

This is perhaps her most personal Ersties special: as part of our Masturbation May, Helena films herself having solo sex for the first time while expecting a child. Helena is currently pregnant and in her twentieth week – and she is swimming in a sensual cocktail of hormones.

The mother-to-be tells you more about her romantic relationship and the (not always easy) changes that are happening within her body. As well as that, she describes why she is experiencing a whole new orgasmic ability in this current "honeymoon phase" of her pregnancy.

Of course, along with this intimate interview, she also sends us a sensual clip showing us what horny mummies do at home during their pregnancy.

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