Aloha, my name is Giselle! I’m a 5’10” long-legged vegetarian from Hawai’i. As you may guess, I’m a huge animal lover and I enjoy all aspects of nature. I love to nature watch, spend a lot of time outdoors at the beach, go on hikes, and going anywhere lush and green. Luckily I’m in the perfect spot for ALL of that! My favorite hikes to go on are ones with freshwater ponds. The brisk, refreshing spring water just feels so nice after walking through the humid, tropical climate. Aside from what I do in the daytime, by night, I’m a total party girl. Love to go out to bars for a few drinks and go dancing with friends, and I happen to be an exotic dancer as well! So far I’ve danced in Hawai`i and Las Vegas only, but I would love to try more clubs around the United States. Some places I would love to dance at one day are Oregon, Colorado, Washington, and Texas. On my downtime, I enjoy simple activities like cozying up in bed surrounded by pillows and blankets, with a good book in hand. It may seem like I enjoy being outside a lot but I am truly an introvert and homebody at heart. If I’m able to, I love to get a good nap in every now and then, or just spend some time by myself, wherever the place (preferably indoors).

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