The big question is, why have Gina and Jolie only just found each other now?! In Stockholm, the BDSM fans have a lot to explore, and not only in nature… With anal play, handcuffs and wax, they can’t keep their hands off each other!

Gina and Jolie’s shoot is all about soft BDSM. They enjoy it so much it’s no surprise how quickly their clothes slip off… Handcuffs, anal play and wax just make this Intimate Moment even more beautiful, not to mention extremely hot! Jolie loves to pleasure others so many fantasies will be stimulated today!

The girls decided to meet in Stockholm to catch up, explore its beautiful nature and of course something else that surrounds them… Such as Jolie’s curvy bum! We also can’t get enough of the look on Gina’s face while she rides her friend’s cute face… They complement each other so well in bed that they can’t help but have a lot of fun together, and they have even more fun when Ersties is around!

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