Skater girl Flora likes it the kinky way! There is nothing the hot brunette hasn’t tried… preferably with girls and in a role play, she also wouldn’t say no to an orgy! This is her first solo shoot with us and a very special one just for you!

    We would love to follow 29-year old Flora on her next holiday to Panama, where she expects beaches, hammocks and hippies and plans to simply to have a lot of fun. No one wants to stay in Berlin, cold and grey… although Flora does have a lot of friends here that help her get through the winter months.

    For example, her last adventure was a hot role play with 3 other kinky lovers. She played a dominant role and it all ended in an orgy with one guy and three girls! To get off and inspire herself Flora also likes to watch porn. With girls, trans and BDSM in particular. Perfect qualifications for a hot shoot with Ersties, fingers crossed anyway!

    For today’s special shoot though we asked Flora to show us her amazing body once again and she did, of course! She also brought along two of her favourite toys and the results are two really beautiful orgasms!

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