Flora from the US seems shy & innocent at first, but don’t be fooled by this first impression. For this Intimate Moment this cutie truly & honestly reveals her kinky side. Some of the close-up shots are beautiful to see!

    Flora is constantly giggling as she tells us about her hobbies and sexual fantasies. Her laugh is maybe one of the reasons people think of her as a cute and innocent girl. Well, we can definitely confirm – she is… not!

    In this Intimate Moment, with her lovely big smile, Flora invites us into her bedroom. There she admits that getting to know new people is pretty easy for her, either for sexual adventures or just in general. That the cute American attracts older people is no surprise, as we can learn about her 17-years older boyfriend.

    To see Flora in her mini skirt and knee-high socks, masturbating like a pro and blowing us away with some dildo action, don’t wait and press play! It’s a moment to never forget!

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