Beautiful Felicia is into women, men and biology. And don’t forget sex parties. For this Intimate Moment she is alone, but that’s no less exciting when Felicia pleasures herself to climax, first with her fingers and then with her dildo.

    Felicia is interested in everything that has to do with biology, chemistry and genetics. She even has a science-inspired tattoo next to her right breast, which you can marvel at after the 20-year-old Ukrainian gets undressed in this Intimate Moment...

    The pretty Ukranian is as interested in sex as her other hobbies, so she found a sex-positive community in Kiev. The only catch is that the scene in Ukraine is still small and so everyone knows everyone. She longingly waits for the pandemic to be over so she an travel to other parts of Europe again to discover new cities with exciting sex parties and new people. Until then, Felicia plays with herself at home… And we don’t mind at all!

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