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Passionate about masturbation, Dina tells us intimate details about her auto-erotic sex life as part of our themed month Masturbation May, before enjoying the left-over panties of a lover in front of the Ersties camera...

Sometimes this Ersties girl just gets horny at the sight of a cucumber – at least that’s what Dina tells us in our Q&A session for Masturbation May. She also shares details about her favourite toys with us and tells us about techniques that make her cum really hard.

Dina is in the right mood to chat, because she’s just had a wild night with Enya. Her skin is still tingling from the kisses of her lover, who "accidentally" lost not only her heart but also her panties between Dinas sheets.

That’s lucky for Dina, because she appreciates the erotic memento very much!

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