Desiree & Lucia L & Luna A & Anna M - Ersties

Desiree, Luna, Lucia and Anna are very excited for their first foursome together! They get naked quickly with the help of our Ersties card game, before their sensual touches and intimate skin-to-skin contact make them moan a lot…

For our four Ersties girls Desiree, Luna, Lucia and Anna, sex is one of the most normal and exciting things in life. These German beauties are super open about new experiences, and can’t wait to add a sensual Ersties foursome to the list! Each of the four girls has their own fantasies and preferences but there is one topic they all agree on: clitoral stimulation ensures intense and multiple orgasms!

We first gave them our popular Ersties card game to get to know each other and break the ice. It was obvious from the get go that the girls like to laugh with each other and couldn’t wait to rip off their clothes! With toys, facesitting, massages and much more besides, Desiree, Luna, Lucia and Anna have created another amazing Ersties classic!

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